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Tiffany says her fiancé of three-and-a-half years, Lawrence, is so controlling that he alienates her from her friends and family, dictates whom she can and cannot contact and gives her rules to follow, including how to do the laundry to his liking. She says for four years, Lawrence wouldn’t let her tell her family where she lived and for six months, made her conceal her pregnancy. Still, Tiffany says she loves Lawrence and wants to make their relationship work. Lawrence admits that he can be overbearing but insists he’s just trying to set boundaries for Tiffany and help her avoid certain family members who he claims have hurt her -- especially her father, Doug. Why does Tiffany defend her father? Plus, see what causes Lawrence to lose his temper with a Dr. Phil producer. Is he a controlling partner -- or just losing control? Dr. Phil sits the couple down in search of a resolution. Can Lawrence learn to change his approach and help save his relationship? Then, Robin shares the inspiration for her new purpose-driven lifestyle brand, Robin McGraw Revelation. Plus, tune in to see what special “thank you” past guests have for Robin!

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