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Jana and Allen say their neighbors, Melanie, Maritha, and Maritha’s son, Christopher, recently moved into the house directly behind them and have been the source of constant conflict. They say their neighbors have made false police reports, called DFS, threatened them and that their four dogs bark all hours of the night. Jana says Christopher even set off an explosive in their backyard near their children’s swing set. Although Christopher denies the allegations, Jana and Allen say they have surveillance video. But Maritha is pointing the finger right back at Jana and Allen, accusing them of making her life a “living hell.” She says police have been called to her home 17 times since she moved in. Maritha says she has been falsely accused of punching another neighbor in the face, and her partner, Melanie, charged with sexual misconduct for mooning a neighbor, even though Melanie vehemently denies this allegation. Tensions have escalated to the point that both families have installed surveillance cameras around their homes because they say they fear for their safety. Will these neighbors be able to call a truce? (OAD 2-9-16)

Find out what happened on the show.