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Brian says when he married his wife, Laura, and vowed to stay with her “in sickness and in health,” he never expected 10 years later to be married to her OCD, too. Now, he says his wife’s condition is taking a huge toll on their relationship and family, to the point he’s considering divorce. Brian says Laura’s compulsions began six years ago, after the birth of their second child, and have become all-consuming -- she even sleeps with a mask on and won’t let Brian touch her, for fear of contamination. Brian says he loves Laura, but he feels frustrated and alone, and he also worries about the effect her disorder is having on their children. Laura says she has a list of 91 different fears and rituals, which have turned her life upside down. She worries she is losing her family but says she doesn’t know what to do. Dr. Phil sits down with the couple in search of a way forward. What is driving Laura’s compulsions? Plus, Laura says her parents have no idea how bad her OCD has become -- how will they react when they learn the truth? How can Laura manage her OCD and reclaim her life? (OAD: 3-9-15)

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