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Marie says her husband of 8 years, Ron, has a violent temper, and she’s afraid for her safety and the safety of their 4-year-old daughter. She says Ron’s mood can change within seconds and claims he has become verbally and physically abusive. She alleges Ron has pushed her down the stairs and hit her in the head and claims he has threatened to do much worse, recently even writing “kill” on the bathroom mirror. Ron adamantly denies ever physically or verbally abusing Marie. He claims she is a compulsive liar who often mixes her prescription medications with alcohol and says she is the one with anger problems. How does Marie respond? Is she telling the full truth about her husband’s behaviors -- and her own? Dr. Phil sorts through the allegations and looks at video from Dr. Phil cameras placed inside the family’s home -- what did they capture? Can Dr. Phil help this couple stop fighting and start communicating -- for the sake of their child? (OAD: 2-6-14)

Find out what happened on the show.