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Dr. Phil continues his interview with Barbara, who admits she was a drug addict when she lost custody of her children 15 years ago and now wants to make amends. Barbara’s 29-year-old daughter, Lindsey, claims her mother was neglectful and abusive toward her and her brother, Dylan, and tried to burn the house down to kill everyone inside -- allegations Barbara completely denies. Lindsey says she has made several attempts over the years to heal her relationship with her mother, but she struggles to forgive. Can Dr. Phil help her make peace with her past? And, Barbara and Lindsey say they both desperately want to re-establish a relationship with Dylan, who was removed from Barbara’s care when he was 5 -- and who they say was kept from them by his adoptive mother, Patrice. Dylan, now 20, faces his biological mother and sister on Dr. Phil’s stage. What does he remember from his childhood? And, is he interested in reconnecting with them? Then, Cheryl and John say their 22-year-old daughter, Taylor, started using drugs at 15 and is now homeless and addicted to heroin and meth. They say she almost died recently when she had her second overdose and had to be resuscitated. How can Taylor’s family help save her life?

Find out what happened on the show.